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P.O. Box 2624, Cumming, GA

American Legion Post 307


When to Display your Flag

The flag should be displayed, from sunrise to sunset, on all days when the weather permits, especially on:

  • New Year's Day, January 1. 
  • Inauguration Day. 
  • Martin Luther King's Birthday, Third Monday in January. 
  • Lincoln's Birthday. 
  • Washington's Birthday, February 22. 
  • Easter Sunday. 
  • Mother's Day, Second Sunday in May. 
  • Armed Forces Day, Third Saturday in May. 
  • Memorial Day (half-staff until noon), Last Monday in May. 
  • Flag Day, June 14th. 
  • Independence Day, July 4th. 
  • Labor Day, First Monday in September. 
  • Constitution Day, September 17th. 
  • Columbus Day, October 12th. 
  • Navy Day. 
  • Veterans Day, November 11th. 
  • Thanksgiving Day, Fourth Thursday in November. 
  • Christmas Day, December 25th. 
  • Election Days (various). 
  • Federally observed dates of the above holidays which may be different from the actual dates. 
  • Such days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States. 
  • State and Local Holidays.


Folding the Flag


1. Bring the striped half up over the blue field.

2. Then fold it in half again.

3. Bring the lower striped corner to the upper edge, forming a triangle.

4. Then fold the upper point in to form another triangle.  Continue until the entire length of the flag is folded.

5. When you get near the end - nothing but the blue field showing - tuck the last bit into the other folds to secure it.


Where to deposit flags for proper disposal in the Cumming area:

  • There is a box at the Fire Station on Veteran's Memorial Blvd.
  • Some of the Home Depot stores in the area have a flag collection, but you may have to ask them where it is.
  • Ingram's Funeral Home, 210 Ingram Ave, Cumming accepts flags for disposal.
  • The VFW at 1045 Dahlonega Hwy, (Hwy 9) accepts flags for disposal.

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